TB Kart S197

The KS S197 is a brand new product, with an innovative chassis geometry and 32 mm diameter frame tubes. It stands as the counter-part to the S55 in terms of features and behavior, designed to guarantee top performance standards in low grip conditions, so on slick tracks and with hard mesh tires. It is targeted to the USA and Australian market where these conditions are the norm.

The S197 features a new brake system. The floating cast iron disc and all other elements are carved from solid metal with computer numeric controlled (CNC) machinery.

Main Features

  • Frame Material Cr-Mo steel
  • Tubes Diameter Ø 32mm
  • Wheelbase 1050mm
  • Axle Ø 50 * 2mm
  • Braking system hydraulic system, pump with oil recovery tank, iron cast brake disc
  • Rear brake disc Ventilated floating Ø 187mm
  • Front brake disc floating Ø 149
  • Included accessories magnesium components, DWT wheels, new exhaust supports, front torsion bars, Ø 330 mm steering wheel TB desing
  • Fairings 506 fairings with optional CIK-FIA homologated front spoiler connections
  • New design stickers kit

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