Electric MR13 E-Power

Electric MR13 E-Power

Main Features

  • Motor controller nominal power range: 200A-350A
  • Integrated battery management system
  • External colour-LED for instant view of the battery status
  • RGB LED driver for chassis lights(optional)
  • Front and rear lights with adjustable brightness (optional)
  • Brake lights with adjustable brightness (optional)
  • Flashing lights during reverse drive, adjustable (optional)
  • Boost button for more power during a number of seconds (optional)
  • Dallas key reader for personal programming, such as: powersettings, speed, Self-diagnostic system for errors (digit)
  • Automatic shut-down after charging is completed
  • Automatic shut-down after a predefined period of no activity to save battery consume
  • Regeneration of brake energy in the batteries.
  • Charge/drive safety system: when the charge cable is connected the throttle-signal is locked
  • Wireless access via computer to upload internal information (parameters, errors,..)
  • De Haardt ready


  • Lithium nickel cobalt oxide chemistry(cylindrical spiral cells)
  • Capacity: 45Ah, stainless steel shock-resistant housingWeight battery pack: approx. 12 kg each. (two packs standard, one in kid kart)
  • Nominal voltage: 48V (24V for kidkart)
  • Max. allowed power rating (nominal): 450A

Kart Electronics

  • 12 volt power module, 60 Watt
  • Fully CAN compatible to customiseand integrate your karts in your circuit
  • Additional connections to add several options (laser shooting, sound module,...)
  • High-end BMS system specially developed for the management of the batteries (cells) and extend their lifetime.
  • Several logging options (diagnostic and maintenance)
  • No mechanical parts (relay's,...) are used in our electronic design to extend lifetime (only one external safety relay is used)

Motor Controller

  • Powerrating: 200A-350A
  • Voltage 22-60 Volt
  • Fully integrated kart system: Motor controller, Kart interfaceand Battery Management System (BMS)

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